The Authorpreneur Summit

I am Robin, The Self Publishing Maven!

I am your go to girl for writing, publishing, and profitability for your book.

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Being one that has helped many become self-published, I hear a plethora of questions. Imagine getting answers in one day and one place? 

I am talking about step by step, direct questions answered on how you can take your literary work and writing career to the next level?

Aren’t you tired of asking questions and someone charging you thousands to never get the answer you seek? Come on... Don’t tell me you would pass up the opportunity.

Be real! It’s time you connected with real self-publishers and authorpreneurs who have the same desire you do to see their hard work in the hands of people, media, on stage or the big screen. 

It’s time you connected with best-selling authors who have cracked the code of selling tractor-trailer truckloads of books. It’s time for you to grab what dreamed of for your book.


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The Authorpreneur Summit is for...

  • New authors
  • Seasoned authors
  • You who want to learn how to grow a full-time ‘Authorpreneur’ income
  • You who want to connect with best-selling self-published authors
  • You who want to connect with experts
  • You who want to sell more books
  • You who want widespread attention for your book

By attending the Summit, you will leave with…

  • Clarity on where to take your book next
  • The little-known secrets of attracting readers and followers
  • The know-how of a successful publishing business
  • The non-traditional and real way to sell books
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    And much more...

    It’s important for my team and me to create an environment where you can maximize the contacts and connections in the room. 

    Here’s your chance to get your questions answered and receive support and guidance from experts who already on the next level. Reserve your spot today while still available. 

    That means, this opportunity is only open to serious authors who know they have a book that can change their assigned corner of the world and aren’t afraid to invest their time and money for their next level.   

    The Authorpreneur Summit is not for you if...

    • You’re a know it all
    • You’re not willing to stretch yourself and connect with others who have the same questions
    • You’re not open to new thoughts, ways, and opportunities to share your literary work
    • You’re not willing to make the monetary investment in yourself and for your work

    Why an Authorpreneur Summit? 

    I remember when I wrote my first book over ten years ago, it wasn’t the most pleasant experience. 

    • I was tired of a shaky self-publishing contract I had to pay to get out of
    • A lot of money spent and wasted 
    • My book sales weren’t good
    • I didn’t have access to people that could answer my specific questions

    If you want the long version of my story, please come by and visit me on the about page on this site…But if you…

    • Tired of being a broke author
    • Have ideas to take your book to the next level but not sure how to execute
    • Want to increase your book sales
    • Want to learn various ways to monetize your book based on your vision

    The Authorpreneur Summit in New York City is the place to be. Grab your seat today, for there are limited seats available.